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Our Story

With a plethora of options available in the market, following a meticulous skincare routine, in

today’s day and time has become a tedious job. You layer your skin with so many products,

that your beauty shelf starts getting overwhelmed. We empathise with you and understand the

difficulty of following a consistent regime every single day. Considering the constraints of

today’s generation, we have simplified the process and launched one product that attends to all

your skin needs. ‘Just One’ as the name justifies is enough for you skin health.

Just One believes in serving the aesthetic needs of the customers by simplifying their routine

and strikes out their confusion on picking the correct ingredients and products. We are in the

mission of building an organic and sustainable brand that stays true to its customers and helps

them in making conscious decisions for themselves.


Our Core values

Trust – We are building the brand on the trust of all our stakeholders. We are true to ourselves, our claims and our customers beliefs in us. We believe in being truthful to ourselves as well as people who rely on us. We have trusted our instincts while launching the brand and followed the natural age old practices to formulate the products using what we have at our homes.

Transparency – We believe in transparent communication and being open about our

vision. We want our customers to choose the right products and make conscious

decision to make this a better place. All our ingredients are clearly mentioned in our

packaging labels to ensure that everyone is aware of their choices.


Authentic – We wish to be an authentic brand that is choosing the right ingredients and

delivering the right products without playing with the sentiments of our customers.

Minimalist – Simple routines are easy to adopt and consistent to be followed. We want

to keep our approach minimalistic to cater to every individual’s need to enjoy their daily

skincare routines and pamper themselves without having to worry about the time



Just one has currently launched a go-to serum that has the goodness of 13 natural ingredients

and does the job to achieve a healthy and moisturizing skin. We are on a mission to eventually

launch products to cater to every skin need. Thus, making this a platform where you get

organic, chemical-free, and sustainable skincare options. We are a completely chemical-free

product formulator, but to increase the shelf-life we do use certain plant-based formulations,

but nothing that would hamper your skin barrier in the long run.


“Less is More” is our core belief and we are building our brand around this concept. A little

concentration on your skin health will automatically start reflecting on your face with glowing

and supple skin. Once you start following healthy regimes , and stop layering and

experimenting with your Skincare too much, your skin will start responding even better with

all the more visible results.

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